Corey Kilgannon

I found your music a few months ago, and I loved it immediately. Your voice is amazing, and you are a really talented musician and songwriter. I think I would still love it though, even if your voice wasn't great or if you weren't as good at the guitar, because your songs are so desperately honest. I think that honesty and authenticity is something that is missing in a lot of music these days. The emotion in your music is really powerful, and it is clear that you care about what you're saying. I actually find that I can relate to a lot of your songs, especially the ones about wrestling with doubt and broken families, and I'm so grateful that you're willing to sing about what matters to you.
I just wanted to tell you because I figured that if I wrote a song that impacted someone the way your songs have impacted me, that I would want to know.
Thank you so much, and please keep making beautiful music.
Hannah McKee

Corey Kilgannon responded on 02/03/2016

Hey Hannah,

I really appreciate you taking time to let me know that. It truly does mean a lot, and its easy to get discouraged "pursuing a career in music" or whatever it is I'm actually doing. I think the first step toward actually being honest with ourselves, and the people we love, is allowing ourselves to ask hard questions. I really only think I've scratched the surface of authenticity, as the last two EPs are loaded with questions...and contain very little of my thoughts. Its so humanizing to know that we all wrestle with the same questions, so know that I'm sorry you can relate to broken families, and broken beliefs...but that I am also relieved to know it's not just me out here wanting to understand. Be on the lookout for a lot more new music (cough cough....tomorrow.....hint...cough) and know I'm always an email away. Hope to see you at a show sometime too! Again thanks for the kind words. It made my afternoon!

Your pal,


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