Corey Kilgannon

Um, hi! Haha. So I don't really know how this thing works -- but if you're reading this-- I'd love for you to know. Your song The Hollow has moved me more deeply than a song has in really long time. & that's coming from someone who lives and breathes in melodies. Haha. Honestly, I find myself playing it and being just as moved time and time again as I did the first time. So thank you. I guess that's what I'm wanting to say. Thank you for your honest lyrics. For crafting this idea of real, honest love into a song that makes a girl in California cry every time she listens to it. Thank you for inspiring my songwriting. Thank you just for the line "if your darkness-- I'm drawn to the night." Ah so good. Anyways, I'm an honest fan & love almost anything you write. Quite frankly, I think I'd love to even read your grocery list. Haha. Come to San Francisco soon!


Corey Kilgannon responded on 03/15/2016

Hi Savannah!

Here's how it works, I'm here on my couch watching the office with my pup Baron, reading your message and I'm very humbled by it. Writing songs is such a strange journey for me, but it keeps me around ya know? Is there a place I can hear some of your writing? All my favorite music are my friends, and peopel I cross paths with along the way. Would love to be a fan of yours as well. Thanks for recognizing the Hollow as a love song. That's how I feel about it even though its sad.

Lets be friends! Would love to come play in San Francisco soon.

My grocery list is typically as follows:
12 eggs
Provolone Cheese
Everything bagels
Wheat bread
Peanut Butter
A few boxes of Pasta
12 pack of PBR

I eat out way too much so I try to eat as cheap as possible at home haha.

Take care of yourself, enjoy the tunes, and looking forward to meeting in person.

Your pal,


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