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I love that. & agree entirely. Writing for me lately has been like those messy, torn out journal entries that you swear you'll never read to anyone. HAHA. A quick release to process, and struggle, to fix my mind and heart. So because of that-- my writing still feels very much unfinished. I just have been recording covers with a friend and doing open mics & fun things like that to keep me moving creatively-- but nothing original yet out there for the world to hear. That is, the world other than my pup Rocky & my shower walls. But I've taken on a project - that by my birthday I will have FINISHED an EP of 4 songs I am proud of, to play for a small group of family/friends at my house. A little shin-dig if you will. Haha so nothing yet. But gee-wiz, thanks for asking! Also I have a question for you.. So hospital hymns is incredible + honest. It got me thinking, what does your religious backround look like? I feel that ours might be similar. & sorry for writing a novel.

Sincerely, Savannah

Corey Kilgannon responded on 03/16/2016

I totally understand! No such thing as a finished song, you just have to let them be eventually. Keep it up it is totally worth it, and please send me the EP when you finish it.

Please don't apologize! Happy to chat.

My background religiously is growing up as a worship leader in a conservative southern mega-church. The type where God came to die for America, homosexuals are dammed to hell, and you can own a Ferrari if you give 10% of your money to african kids. Those are just specific and sarcastic dogmas, I just mean that god sorta fit in a very small box or bubble in my head. The last few years however, life became hard and I realized that the faith I was raised on doesn't account for a world where everything makes sense. I'm not totally sure where my beliefs are now. I do think theres something or somebody up there who made all this, but I don't know for sure if that individual is that interested in what is going on now. Its all pretty mysterious.

What do you think?

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Um, hi! Haha. So I don't really know how this thing works -- but if you're reading this-- I'd love for you to know. Your song The Hollow has moved me more deeply than a song has in really long time. & that's coming from someone who lives and breathes in melodies. Haha. Honestly, I find myself playing it and being just as moved time and time again as I did the first time. So thank you. I guess that's what I'm wanting to say. Thank you for your honest lyrics. For crafting this idea of real, honest love into a song that makes a girl in California cry every time she listens to it. Thank you for inspiring my songwriting. Thank you just for the line "if your darkness-- I'm drawn to the night." Ah so good. Anyways, I'm an honest fan & love almost anything you write. Quite frankly, I think I'd love to even read your grocery list. Haha. Come to San Francisco soon!


Corey Kilgannon responded on 03/15/2016
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Goodness, I can understand how in a whirlwind of mega-church culture it could be easy to feel the way you do. I actually am currently a worship leader for my church as well. & if I'm gonna be 100% honest with you, hearing that so many of my friends like you have been so tattered by the church breaks my heart. For me, growing up in church has actually been a super positive experience. I have learned along the way (after alot of processing, and questions on my own) that Jesus is more than what you've experienced in church. & He's more than what others would say. So many have misrepresented Him and His heart - I hope to one that doesn't. Thanks for asking what I think, very few are open to having a conversation about God and our experiences of Him. You are certaintly and obviously gifted and your music has caused me to really think about God. Looking forward to enjoying your future music as well - perhaps one day I'll get the courage to put some of my own out there :)

Sincerely, Savannah

Corey Kilgannon responded on 03/17/2016
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