Corey Kilgannon

Dear Corey,
I am the President of a Men's Group in Melville,NY. Our group has a meeting every Wednesday morning and we invite people to speak who have interesting stories. Some of our people are quite famous in the Sports industry --We've had show biz personalities, politicians etc. We've been meeting every Wednesday morning at 10 AM either at our clubhouse or local library. Mr. Carhart would be a most interesting speaker, I believe.
Our crowds are well over 100 people weekly and would love the oppportunity to have him speak to our group. I would apprecialte you getting back to me if this is possible. My home phone number is 631-367-0047 and my email is Thanks for your help.
George Borsuk

Corey Kilgannon responded on 10/04/2016

Hello! Sounds interesting, however I think you have the wrong person? This is Corey Kilgannons fan group...the singer-songwriter. Are you looking for the ny times one? Its just

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