Corey Kilgannon

Were you raised Catholic?
Do you practice now?
Who's your greatest musical inspiration?

NOT A QUESTION: I'm loving your discography on Spotify right now.

Corey Kilgannon responded on 11/15/2016

I wasn't raised Catholic I was actually a worship leader in a modern christian mega church but I am recovering from that now.
I don't practice Catholicism, but I do believe in God and good. Still piecing together my beliefs after they suffered a handful of substantial blows over the last few years. I am very drawn to theology/ritual/sacrament etc. so when I do come back around to joining the sunday morning organized religion routine, I plan to try out a catholic or episcopal church first. I think the calmness really helps my soul.
That is a TREMENDOUSLY Hard question but here is a short list of the people I'm inspired by right now: (Kanye West, Chance the rapper, Kendrick, Penny and Sparrow, Aliza Carter Band, Leonard Cohen (RIP), Roy Orbison, Patsy Cline, Guy Clark etc).

I listen to a wide variety of genres. :)

What are you listening to rn?

Thanks for the questions, feel free to keep the discussion open. Would love to hear about what you make of faith and all that. Cheers!

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