Corey Kilgannon

Hi Corey, I just discovered you and your music this past week. Your voice/writing transcend the masses! I have an odd question, I guess, to ask of you? I'll preface this by telling you that I'm a graduate of a creative writing program-- from U.of WA. Late in life, I've learned how much I love lyric-writing. I've been studying the w/songwriters in Nashville.However, my lyrics aren't of that.ilk, & there's a hole in this process. Question: Are you possibly open to taking on a student,of sorts? I'm looking for someone to give me feedback on a lyric or two/ month. I could pay you what I pay now; which is $25/month. I know you're a busy guy-- so I realize you're limited in free time already. I know how to write-- but I'm struggling to make the shift from the world of poetry to lyrics. This is what I really need some help with. I'm very serious about this dream. Thank you for bringing amazing music to this world! I wish you all the best in your newest endeavors, as well! All the best, Lisa

Corey Kilgannon responded on 11/19/2016

Hey Lisa,

I'm 22 years old and dropped out of songwriting school, and certainly am not qualified to be paid to teach songwriting. However, I would be honored to be some kind of part in your lyric process! I've also been drawn to the other sphere of writing, so perhaps our arrangement could be that I'll gladly assist with lyrics and the craft of shaping songs any time I can, if you'll help me every once in a while with writing stories and poems? I'm not all that busy :) Taking a break from touring to try and just enjoy recording and have a stable routine. Its a good place to write from. Let's shift this over to email if you are interested, and if not I'll happily accept an undeserved 25 a month and help however you see most fit!



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