Corey Kilgannon

corey !! hey hey, im kait. i live in savannah, ga for the summer. i attend a university near greenville, sc, so im usually hanging around upstate. you should totally try to come to greenville or savannah soon. my friends and i would no doubt make a few trips to see you again. savannah neeeeeds your music down here. we've been to the foundry in athens to catch you with penny and sparrow and tried to skip a few exam reviews at the end of last semesters to hear you play at some bar in ga. lol. cant wait to hear you again soon. maybe we'll be able to chat next go round?
much love for your work, xo

Corey Kilgannon responded on 06/30/2017

Hey there Kait! I've got a show in my home of Jacksonville July 21st that you all should DEFINITELY road trip down for. Where would I play in Savannah?

Thanks for the kind words, tons of shows in August, and a packed Fall so I'm sure our paths shall cross.



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