Corey Kilgannon

Hey Corey!

So, I discovered your music literally 24 hours ago. Hospital hymns came onto my sleep playlist radio and I immediately clicked on your name to hear more. I'm very sick and have been up all night, listening to your music. I might be exhausted, sick and delirious but my goodness your lyricism is like nothing I've ever heard. After reading some questions I've gathered that you had experiences in a mega church and that's the culture I grew up in too. I feel so much relief to hear you discussing this god in an honest and even trivialized way. It's a breath of fresh air - the uncertainty of it. I sent your music to my dad, who still is a part of the mega church. I'm hoping this can open up some discussion.

Anyways, I've rambled on for long enough. But you're amazing and you have a new fan in me! I'm at school in Halifax Nova Scotia and home is Ottawa Ontario (both in Canada). I might die of happiness if you toured here:)
I also realize there's no question here. Ha.

Corey Kilgannon responded on 11/07/2017

Hey thanks so much Kenzie. I did grow up in mega church, and it has been a very slow undoing of the spiritual manipulation I experienced there. I hope my tunes can help you with your own healing too. It's not God's fault we get it wrong. :)

The more canada touring the better! In vancouver this month, but truly hope it will expand. Thanks for listening, feel better and get some sleep! (i know I am way late in responding).


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