Corey Kilgannon

I was listening to Hallway Hymn and the last line of the song "if were all being used then whats the point of still" is played without any supporting instruments, but then the last word "Believing" has a light guitar strum. Is this a representation of an ever dwindling of faith, but perhaps still a tiny belief represented by the guitar or just maybe a stylistic sound choice or am I completely off. This is clearly a very emotional song for you with very deep lyrics and do not want to pry to deep. I was just intrigued by the structure of the last line.

Thank You

Corey Kilgannon responded on 11/07/2017

I love that you read into that. Originally when we recorded that song for the album it was just me singing it acapella, but I decided this year I wanted to re-record. I sat down with acoustic guitar to do the scratch track that we were going to build off of. I played it and stepped out for a cig, when I got a call that my grandfather had passed. The timing was surreal, as that song is very intimate for me about the passing of another family member. Decided I wanted to stick with that take. All that to say, I just improvised the guitar so I don't know if I had that much intent with the last chord. Thanks for reading into it.



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