Corey Kilgannon

No question, just wanted to say thank you for your music and for sharing your talents with your listeners. Honestly, your lyrics have impacted my life in a pretty massive way specially now as college is throwing all types of new experiences and lessons at me. I usually listen to rap and old rock, and a large mixture of hispanic music, but you're on a whole different genre. You're incredible, and I hope you can come to Dallas,Texas soon!

Corey Kilgannon responded on 11/29/2017

Thanks so much Roberto,

Always love getting to come through Dallas. Thankful that you allowed my tunes into your life, though I admit I'm sure they are less cool than rap, rock and hispanic music. :) I've actually been on a huge kick of hispanic influenced music lately, if you have any recommendations please let me know!

Cheers see you next time,


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