Corey Kilgannon

Corey, I am a huge huge fan! I discovered your music a little over 6 months ago on Spotify and I'm obsessed with all of it, especially "She Is Blue Sky, I'm the Gray". If you don't mind me asking, where exactly did you find insperation from Germany to write those beautiful pieces? And the lyrics are outstanding...what kind of process do you go through when it comes to composing lyrics?

Also, if you ever are around, you should stop by somewhere in Utah, me and a ton of friends would totally dig coming to a concert;)

Thanks Corey


Corey Kilgannon responded on 01/24/2018

Hey thanks Connor!

December 2014 one of my best friends and I wandered around Germany by train (I writing, he taking photos). It was a beautiful trip, met amazing people and was really inspired to see the countryside and culture of Germany. I don't really know how a lot of my songs come to be, its just sort of a spark of inspiration, and a lot of turning words around in my head for the days leading up to it. Once I have that, I often go through and edit/try to make the lines more poetic etc.

Really hoping to play in Utah this year! Will keep you posted.


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