Corey Kilgannon

Where might I find the lyrics to Wash?

Corey Kilgannon responded on 01/24/2018

I don't think they are up anywhere QUITE yet,

Twin taillights fiery Red
Phone rings its bad news again
Is someone sick or dying?
I’m a bit finished trying to pretend
Like it’s not what I expected

It’s in your bloodline to overcorrect
Theres three cars piled up, bleeding from your head
I’m a couple states away
Kind of bleeding from a stage
The love I sorely left neglected

Peace my child, let it be
Tomorrow see what a new day brings
Breathe my sister, let it go
There will be no telling what the future holds
But in the wash you’ll see
The lonely mystery points to something

Three golden rings in our ears
Color drains a face flushed with fear
Saw you tumble
All our childhood castles crumbled on the shore
where we’d wander off our lonesomeness

Collect photos of our wasted years
Summer California coast, trust is bought with tears
All my roaming searching for a home
Or just somewhere to settle with our brokenness

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