Corey Kilgannon

Hey Corey!
First off, I love your music and think you're doing great things, so keep it up! Thus, after hearing The Rhine a few times I really noticed the lyrics and started crying at how beautiful and real and sad they are. I know this could be a sensitive question, but did you actually have a brother who died drowning after an accident? If so, how do you think that shaped you as a writer/person and if not, how do you come up with such deep lyrics? Do you think that there is one moment in your life that truly defined your style of music?
With love,

Corey Kilgannon responded on 01/30/2018

Hey Lainey,

Such an intimate question, thanks for taking the time to really read into the lyrics. I was in Germany actually when my cousin got in a really nasty accident (he had been drinking and hit a tree head long). He should have died instantly, but miraculously escaped with only a few scratches. I wrote that song shortly after, I guess as an outlet for the fear I felt at the possibility of losing him. 11 months later, he died suddenly of an unforeseen heart problem he had since birth. I never got to show him the Rhine. In fact those months were probably the most distant we had been in communication since birth. It is the greatest change of my life, and haunts a lot of my lyrics still. I think every moment of my life defines my music, I try to let it filter purely from experience lived into poetry of some sort. The point is each moment between the grievances and the joys I suppose. The songs help life make a little more sense. Hope this helps, cheers!


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