Corey Kilgannon

Hey Corey,

Just wanted to say thanks so much for your show in College Station. The music, the silence, and hearing what you had to say was a truly beautiful and moving experience. Bummed you didnt play Come on Eileen, but loved everything I heard! You certainly left me questioning a lot of things I have taken for granted, and I feel like it will lead me to a better place in life and in my own beliefs. Im wondering, what has led you to your views on organized religion, and where has it led you to in your personal life? Feel free to not answer that if you don’t want to. Cheers! -Josh

Corey Kilgannon responded on 01/30/2018

Hey thanks Josh,

I had a great time the other night. You were a lovely audience. Glad to help with the questions, its important to wonder I think.

I was raised in the christian church, was leading worship at age 11, and throughout even highschool was very religious. I've been through a series of hard times that allowed me to doubt the legitimacy of the organization, and instead just question what I believe and why on my own. Through that I got into mysticism and poetry, which has lead me to a much more spiritual life. I think the organizations are different lenses to try and understand the same thing... "God". Any religion that demands loyalty, money, or a "cult-like" following to itself and not to spirituality seems a bit of waste of time for me, though I see why so many of us need a safe space to ask questions and fellowship with like minded folks. For me, I feel church and see God in music, long walks, movies, books, conversations with strangers, etc. The point is everything!

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