Corey Kilgannon

Hey man me and some friends were at your show with Josh in Jax. I fell in love with your stories and really feel a deep conversation with a lot of your songs. We were all wonder where you are at in your journey and relationship, your music sheds light on a lot of things we struggle with as Christians e.g. Hospital Hymn and Doubters Prayer.

Corey Kilgannon responded on 03/07/2018

I'm just bouncing down the path on the same journey we are all on man. My first step was to change the questions I ask myself. I traded "what happens after we die" with "how do I live my life most fully now?". That question made it so much easier to be kind to people and most importantly to myself. Leaving the framework of Christianity was one of the healthiest steps in my spiritual journey, but I think it is different for everyone. Ask better questions! Always a good place to start. Cheers man


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