Corey Kilgannon

Hey Corey! I recently messaged you on facebook about this but yeah your music helps me so much, in ways I don't think I can really explain (for fear of discovering why myself). I'm in CT and would love to see you play so i'll have to make a trip or something. Anyways I'm now realizing I'm obligated to ask a question, so hi. How you been?


Corey Kilgannon responded on 04/03/2018

I'm so thankful you let it help you! Touring the NE has been really tough for me for some reason, I am playing in NYC (brooklyn) this month you should take a trip! To be honest, the sentiment of being afraid to discover the roots of our issues makes so much sense to me. I've learned that it is important, and its ok to do so fearfully, try to be patient and kind to yourself as you figure things out though

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