Corey Kilgannon

Just wanted to say thank you again for coming to Athens and playing for us. I can’t get enough of seeing you live, man, it’s amazing. Thanks for hanging out with the crowd and talking to us afterwards, I look forward to our 30 second catch-ups a lot actually! So yeah, thanks man. I really love your music. It makes me think about good stuff that matters.
As for the question, I’ll ask you what you asked us, what’s your favorite color?

Corey Kilgannon responded on 04/10/2018

Thanks so much for coming out. What a special show. Lately my favorite color has been something in the kind of light blue/purple spectrum (I know thats vague) but I noticed that when I close my eyes and really zone out there is this light aura (not sure if this is true for everyone and somehting we just don't pay attention to). I've put my hands over my eyes and stuff to make sure its not just light through my eyelids. Give it a try! I'll have to name the color or something if I can find an external comparison haha

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