Corey Kilgannon

How do you write such emotionally deep songs that have more depth than a black hole and then just like, eat a sandwich after you play (probably)? I mean, I have to literally sit and think about every single thing I have ever done and evaluate every possible decision I will ever make and then cry about it for 6.5 hours after listening to one of your songs. Your words make their way into my literal soul. Never stop singing, please.

Corey Kilgannon responded on 04/15/2018

Haha thanks Hannah. I do love a good Jimmy Johns veggie sub right after playing, I used to also go straight from stage to green room and watch an episode of the office. In truth, its both and every night is different. It's always nice to have a few minutes after a set to decompress, and in show settings where I have to go straight to socializing with folks I find my mind just kinda freaks out a bit. The other side is, I perform these songs over and over and though they will always be deep and intimate, you can also truly "perform" them and kind of shut out the deeper underside of the lyrics and just focus on getting the melodies and chords right. Very happy it helps you connect with your soul, something we should all do more of. Cheers!


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