Corey Kilgannon

Well, I saw this picture, and correct me if I'm wrong, but a lot of what you say seemed to line up with this theory. So I was just wondering if you identify yourself as a post-modernist.
Maybe not the last one so much, or what do you say?
And I really shouldn't narrow down the whole definition of post modernism into what this one photo is saying in the first don't take it so seriously :)

Corey Kilgannon responded on 04/20/2018

Oh cool I like those points a lot, agreeing that maybe the third one is maybe at least just a little more complicated that. I would say if I just had to choose, I lean towards mystic tendencies. Which in summary is just that like....the more we try to explain why and how we are here the less we really understand it, and embracing that nothingness is really the purest "reality" we can experience. I appreciate your caveat about not taking it too seriously, wish that was understood every time any two people had a conversation about beliefs. Truth is, I think what we do and how we are is more important than why we are. WE'RE ALL HERE NOW MAN! WOO!

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