Corey Kilgannon

Corey, has your father heard your song 23 Years? What did he say?
You don't have to answer if it's too personal, but I'm asking because my parents have gone through some tough times and the song resembles their relationship. It brought me to tears listening to the song (more like sobbing) and thinking about what they must have gone through, especially my mother. I feel so bad for her, but also through them I learn what the true meaning of love is, to die together. My parents are still together, but I sometimes think what it would be like if they had separated because it's often unbearingly painful to see them struggle. And I get so confused and I don't know how to simply "be" between the two as their daughter. It's not merely the matter of who's side I take because it's much more complicated than that. I've just had more time to think since I'm not with them right now (college). The distance definitely helps, but I'm afraid of what's to come when I go back to see them in the summer...

Corey Kilgannon responded on 04/20/2018

I think he heard it, he's not much of a lyrics guy and in truth we never really had much of a candid conversation about their split and everything. Maybe someday we will, but I've grown up enough to understand that as people there are sometimes pains we can't talk about, so I've been able to just sort of move on and get to know him in other ways. The separation of my parents was undoubtedly really painful for them, and terrible for my sis and I, but these things can happen and looking back in a strange way I'm glad it did. Life can take all sorts of curves, and I actually think my Dad is probably the closest to happy he's been in a long time. When our parents come down from the pedestals we put them on as kids, its a whirlwind. Glad those tunes can offer an emotional release for that, best of luck with whatever happens.

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