Corey Kilgannon

Dude, I love your music and it's super inspiring! I love writing poetry about deep things and your songs really make me think and expand my poetical thinking. Two questions, a lot of your songs seem to be stemming from a theological background. Do you have Christian influences? Second, would you by any chance have the chords for "The Rhine"? Thanks, it's so cool we can talk to you on here!

Corey Kilgannon responded on 05/08/2018

Thanks so much Jake! Happy to help inspire. I definitely have an intense Christian background, grew up at a megachurch as a worship leader. Have since found what I hope is a more balanced and open minded view of spirituality and our purpose of being here, but I can't help but comment on Christianity and its themes.

Here's a rough outline of chords for the Rhine. I play it in Drop D, and do kind of a power chord formation, but I leave the G string open for some tension.

Intro/V D Bm D Bm (2x)
Chorus Em A Em A
Turn/V/Chorus =Same
Em F#m G Bm Am C D Em Dsus/D (2x)
Em A


The chords aren't hard, the voicings are just a little strange. Hopefully that helps get you started! Cheers man

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