Corey Kilgannon

Hey! Today I heard your songs for the first time, and I really liked the depth and meaningfull characteristic that they have. It is difficult to find musics that actually lesves you thinking. I was just reading some of your responses and when you mentioned that you were hurt by the religious organization while you were a Christian. Recently, I tried entering the worship team on my church, but they started questioning me and pracrically rejected me. It was a very painful moment because I really like music and fell like it is ibe of the best ways someone can connect with God. I feel that in some way we were both hurt by the organization. What have you done to heal? After parting with Gid for some time, I realized that the separation was not worth it just because people from church hurt me, what do you think about that?

Corey Kilgannon responded on 08/24/2018

Hey! Glad you found the tunes. I was a worship leader for several years, and after a few intense traumas and things just didn't find much meaning at the church anymore. there was a lot of other personal hurts and thing. Now a days, I experience "God" through reading/walking/meditating/writing music and having conversations with people about it, but I can't really be a part of anything too organized. I think structure can be beautiful, but I've yet to find one I fit into. I think its total BS that you HAVE to be at a church to be living a spiritual life, so I would encourage you to just give it time and pursue God in whichever way makes sense to you. :) I'm sorry that happened, I spend a lot of time trying to forgive and work through the bitterness. We're all just people trying to figure it out ya know.


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