Corey Kilgannon

Hey man! Just started listening to your songs from a month now and I’m just blown away by the deep meanings in your music and your voice too. Seriously, you make a huge change in my afternoons in college as I try to leave it just for a brief moment and go to a better place. Just wanted to thank you and ask you a question: since I’m Brazilian, do you ever plan coming to Brazil? (If you do, I would be the the first one to buy the tickets for your show!)

Corey Kilgannon responded on 09/16/2018

Thanks so much for the kind words man! I went to Florianopolis for a month two years ago to write songs and had the best time. Planning to return to record the record we wrote, and hopefully tour what city do you live in?

Cheers :) Here's a tune I wrote there:

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