Corey Kilgannon

Love your music in its simplicity and realism. Also how you really open yourself up to your music and let the deepness of your soul out into the lyrics. I play a little guitar, but seeing as I have only started a few months ago I'm stuck with basics. I would very much like to learn to play in a style similar to yours some day. If you were to describe the genre of music you play, what would most closely fit?

Corey Kilgannon responded on 09/16/2018

Thank you so much! I learned to play guitar by just learning a ton of covers and stuff over the years....started with mayday parade and all time low and now I learn Beatles and oldies stuff. Fingerpicking just came slowly over the years, but the bottom line is you have to spend a looooong time playing :) I've been playing guitar for like 15 years, and I love it more and more and more. There's lots of stuff to learn keep it up! Genre I normally say "singersongwriter" but I fit in indie or folk or something too.

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