Corey Kilgannon

When did you pen the last verse on the live/Audiotree version of Rosanna? Heavy, beautiful song and the last verse is particularly striking. Almost seems like it embodies the “acceptance” stage of the 5 stages of grief.

A heartbreaking song, of course, but uplifting in the “baby, you’re the reason love is worth it.”

Corey Kilgannon responded on 10/16/2018

Thanks so much. I can't remember exactly when I wrote it, and I'm admittedly not completely familiar with the stages of grief but that seems to be spot on what was happening. I wrote the initial song less than 6 months after Joseph passed, and added the extra verse at least a full year later. Was definitely part of my process to accept the loss. It broke my heart to write it, but love being worth it is a beautiful conclusion to reach however difficult it may be. Thanks for listening, cheers.


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