Corey Kilgannon

this might be kind of a rando question, but do you feel like drugs have helped open your mind and heart spiritually or influenced your music in any way?

Corey Kilgannon responded on 11/29/2018

Absolutely. I could go on and on and on, and perhaps I will though I don't know how much I'll share to "anonymous" in case this is my mother or something! haha. I don't consider weed a "drug" per se, but smoking it has hugely impacted my creativity, my depression, and just my outlook on life. I've also had really transformative spiritual/psychological experiences on psychedelics (which I also don't really categorize as a drug or at least not when you think of all the "bad" ones like cocaine and heroin). I'm starting to become more comfortable speaking about my experiences and would be happy to share more if you have more questions. But, YES definitely. haha

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