Corey Kilgannon

As a fairly new fan, I love what I've heard of your music thus far and cannot wait to continue discovering more. I would just like to ask, what is the meaning behind the song , "The Rhine"? I've listened to it fairly frequently, but there's so many possible meanings and I was curious what the original intent was. Thanks!

Corey Kilgannon responded on 12/21/2018

To be honest I'm not sure I can boil it down to one "meaning". I was traveling Germany at the time, so a lot of the colorful imagery about the Rhine and such came from that. My cousin did get in a really serious car accident while I was there, so the last verse was me wrestling with almost losing him (unfortunately he passed a few months later of an unrelated issue so the song sort of took on a whole new meaning). There's a lot more for me, I could probably unpack each line quite a bit. What does it mean to you?
Thanks for listening. If you're a vinyl person, we're working on pressing that EP to 7inch so stay tuned :)

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