Corey Kilgannon

What is Jesus’ role (if any) in man’s search to know or find God? You have many themes of spirituality (specifically mentioning Jesus many times), so I’m interested in your thoughts on his impact. Thanks for Hospital Hymns, one of my favorites.

Corey Kilgannon responded on 02/05/2019

No idea how to answer that. haha what an enormous question. I was raised Christian, and have lately had more interest in other schools of thought. I love Rumi, and Ram Dass and spiritual teachers that are a little more inclusive than most Christian ideologies. I suspect if I were to read Jesus again through this lens I would have a much better time with it. So many of the words get twisted....especially in the modern American church.
But the whole time in the back of my mind are the other way to God except through him. Quite the claim. The truth is an unfolding journey not a split decision, Hospital Hymns was a lot of layers peeled. Many more to go. Thanks for tracking with me.


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