Corey Kilgannon

Well hello there :)
I'm listening to 'The Hollow in Retrospect' right now and it brought me to tears once again (don't worry i'm okay, kinda haha) and i was wondering what the song means to you? Like some lines just really get to me, because i can relate to them on a personal level..
Especially the Chorus &
'Dance to remind yourself that you're dying' & 'You're the darkness where I lost the light'

So yeah, what's your story behind these lyrics? :) I'm all ears.
Thank you for the amazing music you make by the way, i really adore you and your work.
Hope you'll come to Switzerland some dayyy!!!

All the love xx Lisa

Corey Kilgannon responded on 08/23/2019

Hey Lisa,

It's a love song, originally to a girl suffering from depression, then in retrospect a bit to myself and my depression. She was a dancer, and we both really struggled with that so the song sort of evolved over the years. Would love to make it to Switzerland some day!

It's ok to not be ok. :)

Thanks for asking! Hope that answer helps a bit, It's an old song so the meaning has really evolved. What does it mean to you?


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