Corey Kilgannon

So I'm an amateur guitarist and have been playing for a couple of years, generally songs like your's and Ben Howard's, singer songwriter type stuff. I have been looking online for a while for a tab for the The Rhine, and haven't found one, I was wondering if there was a reason or one just hadn't been made yet. One of my favorite songs ever!
If you have any tablature for it, or sheet music as well?

Corey Kilgannon responded on 10/31/2019

Thanks Gavin! I don't have any tabs or sheet music unfortunately, maybe I have sheet music for the string parts but not sure.

If it helps, You'll want to tune down to Drop D and pretty play kind of a D Power chord at the 5th fret of the A string, but lift your finger to let the G string ring through. Same with the Bmin I use (leave the g open)

Hope that helps!

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